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Customized Solutions

We understand the unique financial goals and challenges of high net worth individuals & families. Whether your objective is wealth preservation, income generation, tax efficiency, or philanthropic impact, we offer customized solutions that align with your values, risk tolerance, and long-term vision. We work closely with you to design and implement a portfolio that reflects your preferences and priorities. Our process includes monitoring, reporting, and advice, to ensure that your portfolio adapts to changing market conditions and life circumstances. With IMI, peace of mind comes from knowing that your wealth is in good hands.


Research is the foundation of quantitative investing.  IMI conducts extensive studies in factor discovery, model architecture and portfolio construction.  Our insights and articles have been published in prestigious industry and academic journals.

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Control Your Financial Destiny

We Are an Investment Management Firm, Managing Funds for Select High Net Worth Individuals and Families.

Our Investment

Successful investing requires the management of return, risk and costs. Just as a three legged stool needs all three legs to stand, we believe that all three aspects of the investment process must be tended to produce solid long-term results. 

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